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thomas conolly

Don't forget UK dwellers, Garth Marenghi's Darkplce begins thursday (today!) BBC2, or some other channel, i don't know. Look it up in the radio times if you're so bothered...


Where could I buy videos/DVD's of Garth Marenghi's ??
Thanks Wayne


When can i buy the garth marenghi dvd?


yes, goddamn it, when can I buy the garth marenghi dvd? hmm? well?

Liam C

Where the hell is garth marenghi on dvd! nothing makes me laugh quie like it and miss dean and lucius so much!!


yes, i have to agree!!!

the darkplace dvd needs to be in my possesion - it was soooo funny! nothing made me laugh so much - and nothing made me look forward to thursdays like that!


Please, tell me when & where I can get the dvd of Darkplace.

I have to agree that nothing out there is so funny... the acting, the theme-tune, EVERYTHING!

I've emailed Channel 4 twice about a new series, the first time they said there wasn't one planned - and I only sent the second one today!


You can buy Garth Marenghi dvd off ebay


its not been released how can u buy it on ebay, it must be transfer from video from when it was on tv.... maybe thats what you meant.


I got an e-mail off Channel 4 (around December 2004) saying Garth Marenghi's Darkplace will be released on DVD in early 2005.


In early 2005? Cool!


It better be released soon, I've been searching for it for ages! Dammit.


Yeah, I think they said if enough people watch the repeats this Wednesday and Thursday night, they'll release a DVD. Certainly deserves it, and it whups any winners at the recent British Comedy Awards.


Well thank you Channel 4 for listing the repeat showing and then not showing it. Rang them today all they said is it has been taking of listing with no date for a re-showing ......


Garth Marenghi sucks monkey balls with mushrooms growin out. Boris reigns supreme


Garth Marenghi isnt even funny.he is just a random queer who doesnt know his arse from a hole in the ground. what a gimp.

garths bitch

garth marenghi or "sugar daddy" as he likes to be called has such a great arse. The other night i filled it with 4 tubs of i cant believe its not butter" and he screamed like a napalm victim


What the hells going on. i tried to watch the thursday repeat as i just noticed it in the t.v guide and i stayed up only to find theyed stopped it which is wat sum1 else said on here also and i heard its unlikely to ever be released on dvd and i dont get it cus its well good lol and its wierd cus those programmes from back then were actuallly like that which is hard to believe. so anyway like i was saying its crap that its not released and dont feed indescribeable stools/desks tangerine puree or..... well you dont want to know why.... bye


Come on channel 4 sort out a repeat of the series and release it on dvd.

who wants this dog

remember folks, public transport is going places

who wants this dog

remember folks, public transport is going places


Garth Marenghi needs to b released again 2 allow more people 2 bcome aware of it. It is abloute comedy genious. mayb it cud b released on a retro VHS at least!


garths site mentions the dvd in a very obtuse kinda way. seems its near completion. rumors of march have been floating for some time now...

fingers crossed.

jimmy b

Please bring it out on DVD I think it is mint and if channel 4 don't repeat it I will die!


2 years on and no DVD/repeats/2nd series. Where is the justice?

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