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Roger M

Interesting take on the debate. I was taught that people are always rational, and I believe it, but that they act differently because their presuppositions, or assumptions are different. In other words, they have different starting points. So if you really believe in the power of witchcraft and you think someone is a witch, it would make sense to burn her at the stake.

It seems to me that Bryan's opposition to the virgin birth and resurrection of Christ has more to do with his assumptions about God than anything. If you don't believe in God, or your god is impotent, then such doctrines are silly. But if you believe in a personal, all powerful God who cares about mankind, then as Francis Schaeffer wrote, thinking that God would not want to communicate with his people would be irrational. The miracles were just confirmation that Jesus was from God. Without miracles, how would he authenticate himself?

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