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It would be utterly wrong to paint Thatcher as a vindictive individual, since that implies the lessons of her stewardship are irrelevent for today.

I don't think it does. I think it is possible to view Thatcher as vindictive, yet still agree she was right on some matters, and to still see some relevance in what she said. Personally, I think vindictive is a bit harsh; but certainly I don't think she cared much for people she did not consider to be "one of us".

It is wrong to blame a doctor for a disease, and indeed you should give credit to a doctor who gives an accurate diagnosis and prescription for treatment; but if that doctor then botches the operation you still have a case for malpractice.

And while I too share concerns about Brown's current policies which had waved goodbye to "prudence", and I agree that the jury is out, I think the verdict was returned a while ago on the Tory chancellors' custodianship of the economy, and they weren't acquitted.


Good point. To clarify, I should have linked to my previous post "discrimination" which explains my concerns that we too readily associate events with particular individuals, and therefore neglect the chances of them ever ocurring again.

If we associate Thatcher's legacy with Thatcher herself, we run the risk of making the same mistakes again.

But I agree with everything you've said, and am glad you've extended the metaphor!

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