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Well said. I don't often form views on criminal trials, but in the last few years I have thought that the evidence on the Jill Dando murder sounded thin, and ditto for that deputy head chap (Jenkins?) who did or didn't murder his foster daughter. On the other hand, I would have been astonished if the DNA had cleared Hanratty.

But why do I form views at all? I know little about the law, I never follow the cases in detail, and yet occassionally a view forms. I do wonder if the media is snaring me or I'm snaring myself.

rachel phillips

i have just been given joannes book to read and cant put it down i want to start by saying how badly she was treated and that i am finding it a real help reading this book.i am about to go to trial aswell for the conviction of my partners murder.i have got to take the stand just as she did in her case and i am terrified at the moment of the thought of going through this.there is so many of the situations that she goes through in the book that i can relate to it sounds in parts that she is reading my mind.my partner was murdered after a nite in his local pub which was 150 yards away from where we lived.he phoned me saying he was on his way home and after 20 mins he still was not home so i tried to ring him to see where he was but the phone kept going to answer phone.i started worring then i had our son jack in bed he was just coming one on the 24th of nov and it was 2nd nov this all happened.i decided that i was going to c if i could see him outside.we lived in a block of flats at the time so i put my coat on over the top of my pyjarmers and locked the door behind me and went to the lift.as i reached the front door of the flats i relised something was wrong.as i looked over the road to the path way were mark my partner would have walked down it was swaming with police so i rushed over and explained to them everything.they told me to go home and wait they would send someone over to see me when they new whats was happening.i refussed i wanted to no what was happening now it was my partner he had been found stabbed to death.6 months later we were told that it was infact his own sisters husband that was being arested for the murder of my mark. that all took place 2november 2005.the trial is set to start on the 19th march but it might be delayed cuz new evidance has been dug up on the accused.so we r all just waiting for conformation.i really dont no how i have got through this trying time but most of it is clouded because i was in shock for so long.but im just starting to worry again bout the trial.

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