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This idea is about first-time meetings, but it seems to me that Tessimond is bemoaning his lack of touching anyone, ever. Aren't most of us happy just to talk to someone in the first instance, because we know that, if we end up liking them, we'll kiss/hug etc at some point in the future?

I'm not sure that animals have it over us in this department, because they're writhing all over each other for different reasons than those that Tessimond assumes. Their's is a biological imperative (sex, territory etc) rather than the emotional connection that the poet seems to imply.


Isn't the poem saying that we might never get so far as touching (or more generally, connecting) with someone because "Our words […] intercept our meaning"? That words are always imprecise on some level, whereas touch is immediate, and not possible to misunderstand?

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