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Andrew Mellor

It's interesting that so often in today's climate of competition and success, people who 'understand their unstrength', so to speak, are castigated - whereas I've always found it an endearing and likeable quality in a human being. Society rather encourages you to know a false strength: 'I can achieve whatever I want to achieve'. Actually, sadly, you quite often can't.

Jim Clark poetryanimations at youtube

Thankyou for all your researches and this fascinating this blog I have been curious about ASJ Tessimond since making a virtual movie of him reading his wonderful "Cats" poem at my poetryanimations channel at youtube heres the link.


I had a notion Tessimond must be of possibly Huguenot French protestant origin,but this is just my pure guess it definitely has a French ring to it to my mind,but perhaps you are correct and its a derivation of Tessymam,anyway I hope you can find out more about this poet who I am intrigued to find out that so little information about him seems to exist.

If I could find a reasonable rswolution photo of him I would have a go at redoing his virtual movie,though somehow that Victorian photo I have used for his image is rather how I imagine he may have looked.

Kind Regards

Jim Clark..London..England
poetryanimations at youtube

Peter Dean

There is a poem by Tessimond which begins "This intricate machine is neatly planned". It appeared in an anthology in the 30s. I can find no trace of it. Perhaps you know.

Thank you.

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