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Bogdan Enache

I'm impressed that you know the Romanian language title of Cioran's first book. He actually wrote part of the book during a self-imposed solitude in a cabin near the second highest peak in the Southern Carpathians. He was only 23 years old then and the book he wrote during that retreat in the mountains won a royal sponsored award at a young authors contest held in a Black Sea resort the next summer.. However, he never called himself a philosopher as you say in the post, on the contrary - anti-philosopher is a more apt epithet for Cioran.


A good point. I'm afraid I'd strayed into flippancy there.

Andrew Mello

James - I'm really glad you made this discovery on the back of my Finnish whim! Quite a lot to be explored in the dynamic of the Finn's interface with animals and nature, of course very different to Brits, though that already sounds like a cliche...

Presumably the Paasillinna books you mention are both translated? I'll get one for my next journey to Finland.

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sounds like you gotta crow. or at least take off all your clothes and howl and the moon. when all else fails I reread Le Petit Prince and pretend we were fraternal twins separated at birth.

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