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I also loathe Naomi Klein. I've read No Logo but I haven't been able to bring myself to spend my money on the Schock Doctrine. But am I closing my mind? I just don't know.



It's like me saying that Reggae Reggae sauce has sold more than my own Krupnik sauce because Levi Rotts was given £50,000. True, but he was given that because he had a viable product to sell.

Does he have a viable product? If memory serves the Dragons backed it without tasting it. Well I have tasted it. It's shit.


Anthony - I watched the Avi Lewis and you are right. What an a-hole.

I am going to have put my natural distain for Naomi Klein and actually read one of her books. I read your's and Tyler Cowen's reviews which did enough to put me off, but in the interests of having an enquiring mind I'll have to dig in.


"Yes, it did - the countries that reformed the (i) quickest; and (ii) deepest did better."

That link goes to a description of a book which tells us nothing about its findings let alone how they were arrived at. Got something the rest of us can actually read?


Oh and your "actually documented the neoliberal think tanks" link just goes to a big list of your papers. Which one in particular were you referring to? Better links please!


Jim - the description in the link summarises the findings. The book is a sustained and detailed work that assesses multiple aspects of the transition experience across about 20 countries. It's published by the University of Cambridge Press and is written by an expert in the field. I'm not sure why you don't think it's a valid source, or why you're unable to read it. I have no idea what sort of citation you'd prefer.

And whilst i'm flattered that you refer to my publications page as a "big list" it isn't, it's pretty small. Therefore I thought it'd be pretty obvious which of those papers deal with transition, especially given that I've referred to my work on the spread of the flat tax on many occasions. I didn't link to a specific paper because I wouldn't claim to have a definitive account - merely a modest collection of different approaches.

I try to provide links where possible to legitimate and supportive evidence. Why shouldn't I utilise books, vitae, and citations for peer-reviewed articles?


No need to get sniffy, I thought I was being quite reasonable. You really can't provide any other evidence for your first claim that doesn't require us to actually buy that book? I would have thought such an important finding would have been covered in an academic paper or two. And I don't understand why you can't say which one or ones of your papers 'actually documented the neoliberal think-tanks that operate in Eastern Europe' so we can evaluate that claim - I'm sure the rest of your stuff is interesting but I'm not about to read it all.


I don't know of an academic article that covers as much ground as that book. I could point to some that look at different aspects but they wouldn't support my assertion as well as the source I provided. Also, a book is more accessible than an academic article, so I'm struggling to understand what would constitute something "the rest of us could read". If you haven't already seen it, I'd recommend Commanding Heights on shock therapy but I honestly don't understand why the Aslund book is inadmissible. It is the best source that I'm aware of. Having said that, you've prompted me to find this presentation but I recommend the book.

Regarding my own work, the key cite would be the forthcoming book. Since it's not out until December I thought it better to link to a page with a few chapter drafts and supporting papers. If you would like to read one and only one paper I'd suggest this one but I'm not claiming that any individual article is definitive or fully supportive of the point I made.

Sorry if I appear shitty. I'm more than happy to go into more detail about sources but am puzzled at the criticism that the original article wasn't properly supported.


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