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The paragraph quoted from your dissertation rivals in technicality, empirical content (or lack thereof), degree of language specialization and the like the modal paper in General Equilibrium with Incomplete Markets. So "he without sin cast the first stone" from now on. :-)

Also, you'll be happy to know that when you visited Romania you launched the "epistemic community" phrase into the local zeitgeist. It was still showing up years later, when I came on the scene.


I'm hoping to be back later this year for a new project... fingers crossed.



You are being pretty kind to Naomi Klein. While she presents a lot of historical facts, her analysis of them is exceedingly poor. She does a disservice to all those who suffered at the hands of right and left wing regimes by attempting to link her historical analysis to "free market fundamentalism".

I would look forward to reading your book, but at those academic prices it might be a bit prohibitive. I guess I'll have to stick to the Shock Doctrine.


This is the really annoying thing. My aim is to get legitimacy by publishing through reputable peer-reviewed channels, and then work on the PR. It's a real shame that people take seriously the likes of Klein who show no interest in subjecting their ideas to critical discussion.


She is good at the PR. As is Stiglitz too.

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