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Steve Horwitz

Jesus Huerta de Soto's recent book on Austrian economics, which is also designed as an intro/primer, suffers from exactly the same problem: it's as if Austrian economics ended sometime in the early 80s, if not earlier (with Kirzner in the 70s). JHdS's book also has a more Rothbardian take on monetary theory that I think is wrong, but it's certainly part of the Austrian school.


I agree with that, but to be fair to HdS I believe his 2008 primer is just a translation of a book he published in Spanish in 2000.

There's still a need for something that covers the last 10-25 years of Austrian work (especially since so much of the applied, empirical studies have occurred post-revival).

I do think Pete's latest Handbook addresses this, I only wish it was a bit cheaper!

Peter G. Klein

Mario's "Austrian Economics: Recent Work," in the newest New Palgrave (how much longer can Macmillan milk this brand BTW?) is helpful here.


Peter - great shout.

Toby Baxendale

Anthony, you must write that last decade Austiran Primer.

Also, please note, a lot of rubbish is written, sometimes you can't trump what our teachers taught us and still continue to teach us.


"On top of this you have excellent work by the likes of Jesus Heurta De Soto, Walter Block, Tom Woods, Guido Hulsmann that deserve attention."

really? these guys are the kooks who are dragging austrian ever-backwards.

the gmu path looks the more likely path by which to make progress

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